Hi-5, one of my favourite TV show. I'm not performing in this video, :-), but give me 5, if you like the programme too!

p/s : especially like the song of Knock knock knock

Oh la la....it my day out again!

Whenever Mama want to dress me up, she will said " Come Jolene, kai kai loh....dress 美美! I will be happily let her do it, caused I understand what is 美美 (beautiful) now! :-)

This is my kai kai outfit! nice, ;-p ~ thanks to siao yi yi!

New furniture in my house. Ya, a stool for me! Now i got proper place to "study" loh!!!

Bit of growth updates:
i'm 31in now! and few more teeths is on the way (rather slow as compare to others) :-(
When her Papa shown her once how to make sure of headset, there she goes! She was singing a song named 客人来!


Of course, what she sang was different meaning from the lyrics! And, she can't sing for a complete song yet! Who cares anyway, most important, see how she indulge herself in performing a song. Bravo!


Scribbling is one her activities lately. When she is in good mood, she can be on her own to scribble, like this video clips. Otherwise, she will demand us to draw for her!

She knew i was capturing a video of her... she purposely scribble it playfully! The highlights here is that, at this age, we were amazed at how good she is to hold a pencil, like holding a brush to write chinese caligraphy!

North South East West. We were heading to North, where my Papa's hometown located.
During the stay, we managed to steal a day to visit Georgetown.

Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! We spent most of the time at Gurney Plaza for window shopping! When afternoon sun is not that hot...we quickly walk out from the plaza to Gurney Drive.

It was a lucky day indeed. As we reached Botanical Garden, we saw group of monkeys roaming around waited visitor to feed them!

NT is a small typical old town. The living style here is still old fashion and the peoples here are friendly. Of course, food are yummies here as papa claimed!
Ahem...see the indian boy. He was at my Ah Ma shop, when he saw Mama took photograph of me...he also wanted to be in the picture! After the shoot, he gave me a "sumi" (err..not the one i'm holding). hehehe......am i that cute till he cant resist to....??????

The old times kedai runcit...all sort of junk foods and sweets which can't get it in the city!

the heroine who run this kedai runcit business till now, my Ah Ma (left)...

& the most antic wooden horse....which can't get it anywhere!
I like to move it move it
He like to move it move it
She like to move it move it
We like to... MOVE IT!

You like this song? Turn on your speaker, join me to Move It!!!!!!!
I thought i could managed it, but i failed.

My sick was manageable during my holiday, but after home...everything seems not ok.
The fever still goes on, flu and cough getting worst. I was sent to emergency unit for further check up and end up admitted here for 2 nights.

I was seriously ill. Pneumonia.


Thank god, after the 2 nights observation and treatment in hospital, i'm 85% recovered now.